Let's Try the Blowfish Course!


The appetizing blowfish season has come. Have you already eaten blowfish in this season? If not, please try the Takasago Blowfish Course. It's very delicious!


I have often heard that people from Tokyo (actually I was born in Tokyo too) said "Blowfish tastes too light and halibut/turbot and all flatfish taste so much better!" I agreed with their preference until ten years ago. I never had a chance to eat blowfish until the age of 23. When I was 23, I worked at Midori Sushi in Umegaoka, Tokyo. That sushi restaurant dealt with many kinds of live white meat fish. When I was still green at the job, I discovered that halibut/turbot, flatfish and stonefish taste so delicious.


One of my senior colleagues treated me blowfish one day. And I remember it was quite expensive. But the taste was too light and I wasn't satisfied with it. Only Pon-zu(a sauce containing soy sauce and rice vinegar or citrus juice) left a taste in my mouth. Two years later, I started working at Takasagosushi. I decided to become a qualified blowfish chef under the influence of the sushi chef from our restaurant.


I was attending blowfish chef training in Tsukiji market every morning at 5:00. It took me about 2 hours to prepare a blowfish at first even though the examination was only 20 minutes. I was so worried whether I could carry it out or not. At the start of the examination, I had to prepare a blowfish by getting rid the 5 fins. Inserting a kitchen knife into mouth and peeling off black and white skins. Taking out eyeballs cleanly, inserting a knife into shoulder and taking out the internal organs without breaking them. Dividing the head into quarters, putting it in a bowl, cutting it into symmetrical right and left halves with the insides and bones removed. Getting rid the skin from rest of flesh. Wrapping it up to absorb water.


Let me explain how to peel off a skin for the highest technique requirements. I have to divide a skin in two from both black and white skins because there are some prickles on the surface. Peeling of Toutou-mi which is on the back of skin after taking off a mucous membrane. Then, sticking the skin (prickle side out) on a cutting board. Again, peeling off from one point toward the other side using a kitchen knife sliding. A cut in the middle of the skin, or prickles remaining on it, means not being qualified.


After I cut the internal organs into pieces, separating them into different organ. There are some parts which you cannot eat such as the heart, liver, gills, spleen, ovary, kidney and so forth. Putting them on the tray and attaching a nametag to each one of them. Putting the rest of them as eatable/edible parts, to absorb water and get rid of blood. Putting the blowfish sashimi on the plate in the design of a chrysanthemum. Cleaning up everything to finish.


The above procedure must be done within 20 minutes. I could do it within 17 to 18 minutes right before the examination. And I took other tests like a paper examination and a "Recognition test" (where I had to identify the different types of blowfish) and I finally passed and became qualified. Once I became qualified, I cooked and ate blowfish and I enjoyed tasty jelly, chewy blowfish sashimi of a unique flavor, and a delicious porridge, it made from the broth of blowfish hot pot and rice. All-together, is only 400 calories (very low). I never get tired of eating blowfish.


Fortunately live blowfish's price is not so high this year. We can provide it to you at a reasonable price. We strongly recommend the Blowfish Course to discover a delicious taste. You can't keep from eating once you taste it!