in Japanese

"Waka-Danna and his assistant, Mr. Takahashi
were very successful during
the all Japan Sushi Technical Competition in February."

@The 7th All Japan Sushi Technical Competition was held on February 18th at Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku. The participants were from all over Japan, there were even some participants from the U.S. They had been successful in preliminary tournaments within their own region enabling them to compete against each other in this National competition.

@Waka-Danna and Takahashi who had won silver awards in the Tokyo preliminary tournament were able to participate as a special entree.
@Waka-Danna demonstrated his daily routine and although he was very nervous he won the silver award. He was pleased about winning silver even though he didn't win gold.
@Takahashi was surprised at the high level and standard of the participants. Winning the Fighting Spirit award helped him set his next goals in his career.
@Waka-Danna was quite satisfied with his "masterpiece"(nigiri). He thought he might have won the gold award. But the judging was tough. He even felt that the judges were not good enough to evaluate his nigiri. (Just kidding!) Truthfully, we are thrilled to have done so well in the competition.

@We are going to make a great effort to achieve our next goal. Thank you very much for your support.

From Waka-Okami

Waka-Danna was carefully watched by the judge. He was nearly overwhelmed by the nervous atmosphere at the tournament.

Waka-Danna concentrated hard to demonstrate his ability in an unusual atmosphere.

Waka-Danna's "Masterpiece" of nigiri, it looks gorgeous with his skillful handicraft.

Takahashi put up a great fight! He has acquired great confidence through his experience during this tournament.

Takahashi's nigiri shows some skill and great effort.

On the right is Takahashi and on the left is Waka-Danna. They were saying that it was a good experience for them and that they intend to keep working and improving themselves. In the middle Waka-Danna of Fukuzushi in Yukigaya was also another participant.