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Greetings from the owner

高砂寿司 店主 菅田勇樹

The shop was established in 1962 in Higashi-Yukigaya, a residential area in Ota-ku, Tokyo, at the same time as the previous generation owner finished his training and started as an independent owner.
Since then, over the past 60 years, two generations of father and son have continued to train and improve our skills and deepen our knowledge.


Our work as sushi chefs is impossible without the support of many people around us. From the Toyosu market, the producers of rice and vinegar, my wife and staff who support the restaurant together, and the customers who come and enjoy our sushi. These bonds from nature to human connections make us who we are to bring you good sushi. We work every day not to forget this and to appreciate each and every dish and piece from our hearts.


We source only the finest ingredients, tuna, seafood, wasabi, ginger and the best seasonal produce, carefully selected from our long-standing, reliable suppliers. And for rice, the lifeblood of sushi, we have been using Sasanishiki rice from Miyagi Prefecture, grown by top producers, since we were founded.

We use seasonal ingredients from all over the country and prepare them in the traditional Edomae style so that everyone can enjoy the exquisite taste of sushi. We will continue to learn and train ourselves everuday for the better future.


In the name of sushi, we hope to deliver a luxurious time that goes beyond the expectations of producers, brokers and our customers. We look forward to serving you soon.

Takasago sushi Owner Yuuki Sugeta

The uniqueness of Takasago sushi

We prospect the best mature time to taste, and then serve either as nigiri with professional skill or seasonal dishes with elaborate taste in the most delicious way.


From our signature anago (conger eel), kohada (Japanese shad) and clams to tamagoyaki (omelette) and gari (pickled ginger), everything is homemade.
Please enjoy the essence of Edomae-style sushi. We welcome you with deep hospitality and take good care of you during the course.


History of Takasago


Takasago sushi was established at its current address (5-9-2 Higashi-Yukigaya, Ota-ku) in 1962.
Since then, the restaurant has been popular among both locals and customers from far and wide.
The name and brand of "Takasago sushi" was inherited from Takasago sushi in Yurakucho Station Sushiya Yokocho (currently known as Kotsu Kaikan), where the first generation owner trained in his early career.

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