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Enjoy the exquisite of traditional Edomae-style sushi in a relaxed atmosphere.

Located in a residential area of Ota-city, our sushi restaurant has been enjoyed not only by local customers but also customers from far and wide, including overseas, since its establishment in 1962. We would like you to enjoy our signature Nigiri, a la carte dishes that reflect seasonal transitions, and a selection of wines and sake that creates great harmony with our sushi and dishes.


Our skilled sushi chef serves high-quality sushi, fishes and seafoods are selected carefully from the freshest fish in Toyosu market. Sushi is served with the best way that may changes according to the seasonal conditions. Each piece is carefully prepared with artisanal techniques such as "Cure, boil, grill, steam and pickle" that make Edomae-style sushi so unique. Enjoy the taste of our well trained traditional style sushi.



We have a wide selection of alcohols that go well with our courses and dishes. We will select and advise you on a good choice of sake and how to taste it, so that you can experience the best of it. Edomae-style Sushi also goes well with wine. Please enjoy the harmony of Edomae-style Sushi and wine.



Good sushi comes from a good heart. We would like to offer you hospitality by serving a suitable sushi and dishes according to your situation and feelings, while asking for your favors and requests. We will carefully serve you one dish at a time, so please feel free to relax and enjoy your time with us.
The owner and his wife are fluent in English, so please feel free to visit us from overseas.



A quiet and warm atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy our sushi. Table seating, counter seating and private rooms are available. Please select your seats according to your scene of use.

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