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A job description for a sushi chef is not limited to making a sushi.
From cleaning the shop, preparing a fish and to communicate with our customers. These are all required experience and skill for a sushi chef.

We will carefully guide you so that you can improve the quality of each and every step of job. Our purpose of training is to grow a craftsmanship in you which can impress customers by pursuing speed, beauty of sushi and taste.

It is not an easy road, I should say. You may encounter difficulties and tough occasion along the time. However, we are waiting for someone who are able to pursue your dream of becoming a professional sushi chef and who can try to put your effort into every job.


Our senior sushi chef, the owner and my wife will be there for you to solve any problems or worries that will occur during the training.

We will also support you in pass and credit as a professional chef's licence and also to share you how to open your own sushi restaurant in the future. So feel free to learn and gain your knowledge and skills day by day.
Let's work hard together to make your dream come true.

What you can learn at Takasago Sushi

Preparing fish and other dishes


You will start by learning how to grind rice and make mixed vinegar. Then you will learn how to prepare prawns and create our homemade desserts.
Then you will move on to 巻物 ("Makimono", sushi rolls) from the first year and from the second year and above, you will gradually develop your skills from smaller fish, shellfish and then larger fish.

Preparing and cooking a la carte dishes


Initially, you will start your experience from buying and selecting, then to deliver and food serving. This goes along with learning knowledge about and our menu and beverages at the same time.
After three years of experience, you will find your way to a professional Sushi chef's licence, which we will support to you for passing them.

Fugu (Blowfish) Preparation


If you are interested in taking a blowfish chef's licence in addition to a professional sushi chef's licence, we are able to offer training in the handling and preparation of blowfish.
The first three years are an essential time to develop the basic skills of a professional sushi chef. Daily practice and accumulation will lead you to become a top notch sushi chef.

Professional manners and etiquette.


We will teach you how to use language, product knowledge and customer communication to make our guests feel comfortable and satisfied.
We teach you not only how to make sushi, but also how to carry out every gesture with care so that you can serve sushi that will impress your customers.

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